Monday, May 3, 2010


Here's Miller Li Bass a few weeks back making her first comics purchase at Star Comics, my local since 07/85 (Serving new meatball sandwich stain-free comics every Wednesday or Thursday since 2008!).

You can tell it's on her Opapa's dime, because the purchase in question is BATMAN #697, the last issue of Tony Daniel's first arc as artist and writer, and I got through the actual sale just fine, but it hurt quite a bit more that night when I actually waded through the pages, had been ignoring the whole mess after trying out that first BATTLE OF THE COWL, but you know, little lady loves the Batman and it was latest issue and all, but I can't help thinking now that I should have put my foot down and just been like no, no get this classic DETECTIVE instead or what have you, something in the 4- or 500s, something with Two-Face, but you know, you can't do that, you've got to let them make their own mistakes, shatter the magic if you try to steer it.

Still, though. Just so wish it was something by Morrison. I mean, that's happening now, too, you know.

I read her #682 so many times the first two weeks she was alive. That one might snuck into my All-Time Greatest now, because of that, though we'll she what she thinks of ALL-STAR SUPERMAN #s 6 and 10 whenever she gets around to them.

(just no plans or expectations, though, no, don't worry about that)

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